Science communication & Outreach

I am an avid science communicator in both English and French cumulating experiences for > 10 years. I wrote > 20 pieces for blogs and public media, did numerous public talks, produced films with > 2K views, visited > 20 schools and colleges to lead science communication activities in the South and the North of Canada, and contributed to Land Camps using hands-on, land-based approaches to foster cross-cultural knowledge exchange and youth's interest for the natural sciences. Through these various activities, I aim to increase public awareness about different topics related to environmental change, transdisciplinary research, and sustainability actions. I also believe that my societal engagement as an early career woman scientist can contribute to showing different models of scientists to youth, including girls, and spark their interest for science careers. I often engage on topics related to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in science, including in schools. I strongly believe in the role of science communication and outreach in increasing public awareness and understanding of critical issues shaping today's world, such as climate change, and in encouraging more diversity in tomorrow's science.

Youth Workshops

Photo credits: Équiterre, Camp de l'Île & Collège Brébeuf

Land Camps

Photo credits: Navalik Helen Tologanak and Imalirijiit Science and Culture Land Camp

Selected Blog and Press Articles

  • Bringing the Arctic in classrooms (2017) Equiterre Blog, Bilingual (written as part of my Laure Waridel Bursary)

  • News from Scandinavia (2017) Equiterre Blog, Bilingual (written as part of my Laure Waridel Bursary)

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Photo credit: MLapointe / Sommet Jeunesse sur les Changements Climatiques (SJCC)