Peer-reviewed publications

Inequalities in the adaptive cycle: reorganizing after disasters in an unequal world

Dade MC, Downing AS, Benessaiah K, Falardeau M, Lin M, Rieb JT, Rocha JC (2022) Special feature on Panarchy: the Metaphor, the Theory, the Challenges, and the Road Ahead, Ecology and Society

Resilience-based steps for adaptive co-management of Arctic small-scale fisheries

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* Co-first authorship

Biophysical indicators and Indigenous and Local Knowledge reveal climatic and ecological shifts with implications for Arctic Char fisheries

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Climate change impacts on sea ice ecosystems and associated ecosystem services

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Towards integrated knowledge of climate change in Arctic marine systems: a systematic literature review of multidisciplinary research

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Seeds of Good Anthropocenes: Developing sustainability scenarios for Northern Europe

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Highlighting the potential of peer-led workshops in training early career researchers for conducting research with Indigenous communities

MacMillan GA*, Falardeau M*, Girard C, Dufour-Beauséjour S, Lacombe-Bergeron J, Menzies AK, Henri D (2019) Facets Journal   * Co-first authorship

A novel approach for co-producing positive scenarios that explore agency: Case study from the Canadian Arctic

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First records of Pacific sand lance (Ammodytes hexapterus) in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

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Once upon a larva: Revisiting the relationship between feeding success and growth in fish larvae

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Could the planktonic stages of polar cod and Pacific sand lance compete for food in the warming Beaufort Sea?

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Book chapters

Bottom of the food web

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Chapter 5 – Perspectives on Canada’s North Coast region

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Chapter 4 – Arctic change: Impacts on marine ecosystems and contaminants

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